How much does a custom WordPress website cost?
Custom website development is not inexpensive. We specialize in creating fast, secure and visually exciting sites that can rank high in SEO for speed. It really depends on the size and complexity of the project scope. Drop us a note, we'd be happy to discuss options with you.
What information do you need to estimate a custom web site project?
At a minimum I need a design file showing the complexity of the site, the number of pages, etc. and how soon you need it launched. If you need design services, I partner with several very good website designers that can be integrated into the project scope.
Which design application files do you with with?
I can work with Sketch, Figma, Adobe XD and Photoshop design files with Photoshop being the least preferred. Usually, the client (you) and myself with share a Dropbox folder to facilitate greater ease of sharing project assets.
Do you use a framework to build custom websites?
Generally, I don't use a 'framework' or page builder plugin. What I prefer to do is use the Oxygen Builder site builder plugin to execute your custom design because it creates the fastest sites upon completion by bypassing the WordPress theme system altogether. It's very secure and it's a lifetime license (no subscription). It's not perfect for every custom site. When that's the case, I'll hand code the site from a customized iteration of _s. Wicked fast!
Can you fix my broken website?
If I built it, then absolutely I can and will fix your broken website. If I was not the developer of your site then the answer is unfortunately no, I don't work on other developer's sites.
Do you need a deposit? How do I pay you?
Yes, a deposit will be needed before each project is begun. It's structured depending on the size and scope of the project but generally it's 50% to begin and the remainder due before launching to production. I invoice through Freshbooks allowing you to quickly pay online using a credit card.
Are your projects by the hour or flat rate?
My projects are typically a flat rate with all that will be expected and completed written out in an agreement before commencement. I offer maintenance packages for the custom websites I develop if you're interested.
How long does a custom theme take start to finish?
It usually takes between 3 to 5 weeks to complete a custom site although this can vary depending on the size and scope of the project.
Do you offer support?
Absolutely! Each project has a 30-day support period that covers any styling and functionality issues after launch to production. Additionally, I offer a maintenance packaged to keep your site up to date and humming along at top speed.
Do you outsource any of the work?
No, I do all my own work on every project.
What about ADA compliance?
ADA compliance can be discussed and we can determine the needs and level of compliance you wish to achieve. Generally, your designer will spec things like contrast and hover contrast for vision impaired visitors.
Is WordPress right for my project?
Yes! WordPress is fast, safe and secure. It's endlessly customizable as well. If for some reason it's not a good fit for your project I'll let you know up front.
I bought a theme from another developer, will you build my site with it?
Unfortunately, no. I'll not build a site for you using another developer's theme or one bought off of a site like ThemeForest. We can talk about your options if you would like a custom theme for your business. Remember, your online presence is your digital store front. It conveys the first impression people generally see when researching if they would like to do business with you. A custom theme generally pays for itself many times over.


I'm Jack Walsh, a professional freelance WordPress developer based in San Diego, CA. One of the things I love is the technology that allows me to travel all over the U.S. and the world with my wife and two dogs yet still stay in contact with my clients. I've been working with WordPress for over a decade. I'm a Codeable certified WordPress expert and have been fortunate enough to work with awesome clients from all over the world. I'd love the opportunity to talk with you about your next custom WordPress project.


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